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The success of an enterprise is very much dependent on the foundations upon which it is laid. Here at Interchem we know that the way in which calves are reared is indicative of the future performance of the herd.

Interchem can offer you a package that will help you to manage and control the rearing of your calves.


At Interchem we pride ourselves on the ongoing support programme that we offer to our customers. Our support package is both comprehensive and unique, our team is always on hand to offer help and advice.


The fact that we reared our own calves gives us a unique position in the Irish market. We used our calf-rearing unit to fully evaluate the products that we supply. This gives us the peace of mind that the products our clients receive will perform optimally under practical conditions.


We source products only of the highest quality for our customers. Our range of milk replacers  have been formulated to perform under Irish market conditions and have been tested to ensure their performance.



About Interchem:

Interchem (Ireland) Ltd. is a leading marketer, seller and distributor of animal health products and premium petfood products in the Republic of Ireland.


About Interchem

Calf Rearing Unit:

The fact that we have reared our own calves on ProCalf gives us a unique position in the Irish market.
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Our computerized feeder, which is manufactured by Förster Technik, gives the farmer the information that is required to successfully rear calves.

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